From the recording Grace and Madness

Live from Rob Select's Little Walter's RadioShow NYC


no one ever thought
this one would survive
pretty child
dry your eyes
lock you in the zoo
and never let you
never let you laugh or smile again

making friends with the homeless
with a hopeless man
he's really glad to see me
and he really shakes my hand
danger on every corner
but I'm ok
walk on down the street
try and forget about yesterday

you know life's so hard
and it really takes it's toll
and the poet's gut man reaction
is to search his soul
so much damn ugliness
before my old eyes
nothing seems to faze me
and this boy still survives

I just gotta walk
right out of this world
cause every body's got a poison heart
I just wanna walk
right out of this world
cause every bodies got
a poison heart.....
lyric Dee Dee Ramone-music Joe Sztabnik