From the recording Grace and Madness

Recorded in NYC
a poem by Puma Perl
Music- Joe Sztabnik
Drums-Gary Barnett
Bass-Joe Sztabnik
Guitars and Vocals- Joe Sztabnik


Grace And Madness

Do you believe in grace and madness?
I am awed by motorcycles, scared of trucks
I can’t shoot pool and I wish my face hadn’t changed

Maybe it was my father’s unexpected high-pitched laugh
or my mother’s borderline ways
I rocked myself to sleep with dolls and cookies
Last night it was Romeo Void and sex toys
Never say Never.

I’d be lying if I said it really didn’t matter
and I’m sorry I didn’t take better care of you

Fear thrills me
You kill me

The blind dream in stereophonic sound
and we were all under water

Waiting for grace
Living in madness

Sometimes I can’t believe that I breathe.

© puma perl, 10/5/09